Introduction to the Tweedonker YouTube Playlists


One fine day, the young adolescent me browsed the Wikipedia entry on the Five Hindrances in Buddhism. For the first time, I read a quote by Ajahn Brahm. Watching one of his talks on YouTube changed my understanding of Buddhism—and changed my life. I witnessed Buddhism in practice, instead of only Buddhism in theory.

Some years have passed. I have benefited from the efforts put forth by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia (BSWA) and the Bodhinyana Monastery and Dhammasara Nuns Monastery monks and nuns in sharing the Dhamma—the teachings of the Buddha—to a wide audience over the past decades. In maintaining these playlists I hope to provide a tiny coral reef of Dhamma talks and other talks and lectures that matter. As Buddhism is not intrinsically hierarchical, I prefer to use the egalitarian “Ven,” which is short for “Venerable,” for referring to all mendicants.

I’ll also point to some further resources for those who feel inspired to explore Dhamma. I am aware that the diverse Buddhist branches extend far beyond the resources I can point to. But in the end, what matters is not so much the branch or tradition we subscribe to, nor the teacher we praise; what really matters is the quality of our heart.

My recommendations for those new to Buddhism: (a) Four Ways of Letting Go, (b) What is Buddhism, (c) Introduction to Buddhism, (d) Introduction to Meditation, and (e) The Basic Method of Meditation.

My recommendations for everyone, especially for those familiar with Buddhism: (a) the resource page on my blog, (b) the BSWA podcasts and the BSWA YouTube channel, and most importantly (c), the teachings of the Buddha himself. The original teachings of the Buddha, preserved in the Early Buddhist Texts, are humanity’s shared heritage. They have been a source of love and inspiration for millions of people. For one, they certainly are for me.

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