Pandora IV: Apocalypse

Metamorphosis: Blue Marble becomes Red Marble

Inspired by Lokanta Vihara’s Buddhist Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse—well worth reading—I revisited The Simile of the Mountain, an Early Buddhist Text. It dawned on me that the hypothetical scenario of four mountains coming from four directions—while far-fetched and unlikely—is not entirely impossible. Below I contrast an excerpt from the simile with an animation of the final moment of the engulfment of Earth following a large asteroid impact.

Suppose there were vast mountains 
of solid rock touching the sky 
drawing in from all sides 
and crushing the four quarters.

So too old age and death 
advance upon all living creatures—
aristocrats, brahmins, merchants, 
workers, outcastes, and scavengers. 
They spare nothing. 
They crush all beneath them.

excerpt from the Pabbatūpama Sutta, translated by Bhikkhu Sujato
Mountains of solid rock touching the sky are closing in from all sides! (source) Somehow the GIF is blurry, but it shows the last bit of the East Coast and the Atlantic Ocean being swallowed by the asteroid’s ripple

Not impossible!

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